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Easy App Toolbox

With this post, I want to make the latest version of my app „Easy App Toolbox“ available to everyone.

For the past few weeks, it has only been available on the Play Store. But since there are many usescases for people that don’t even have the Play Store available on their devices, here is a link to my Dropbox folder with all the latest versions of this great app (starting with the current one: beta2-6)!

Dropbox Folder for Easy App Toolbox

And a quote from the Play Store description 🙂

Root NOT required!!!

With Easy App Toolbox you have a lot of useful utilities at hand to handle your apps.

Did you ever want to share an app with a friend that doesn’t have the Play Store on his device? No problem with Easy App Toolbox – simply send it to him via Gmail, etc…

Want to take backups of your installed apps because you need to wipe / factory reset your phone? No problem with Easy App Toolbox!

Ever wanted to send an installed app from one of your devices to another device? Not a problem with Easy App Toolbox – simply make a cloud backup on Box.net, Dropbox or Google Drive, and restore the backup on the other device!

If you compare Easy App Toolbox to the lately released Carbon backup app you will quickly notice the one big advantage: the free version of Carbon backup doesn’t offer any cloud features (you will have to purchase Carbon backup premium to get the cloud features), where in Easy App Toolbox, you have access to all cloud services in the free version. Plus, of course, the non backup and restore related features of Easy App Toolbox 🙂

Easy App Toolbox features:
* Send your installed apps (APK files) to your friends (via Gmail, etc…)
* Backup and Restore your apps to/from Dropbox
* Backup and Restore your apps to/from Google Drive
* Backup and Restore your apps to/from Box.net
* Backup and restore your apps to/from SD card
* Backup your apps to your PC
* View many detailed information about your installed apps (permissions, activities, services, files and folders, etc…)
* Easy uninstaller – gives you batch uninstalls 🙂

In the free version you will have absolute no ads (well, besides my own app wall where you can find my other apps, but that’s is totally non intrusive, no popups or banners or anything!) and you will be able to select up to 3 apps in each screen. With a new approach of an in-app purchase, you can inlock unlimited selections easily. And the best part about this: YOU can decide how much this is worth to you 🙂

Please note: This is the very first BETA release of the app. It will still have some issues, please don’t give bad ratings before reaching out to me with some feedback 🙂 Thanks

I hope you will enjoy this app and if you want to ask a question or anything, use the comments 🙂




Apache Commons-Codec – Android compatible!

Hey everyone,


Could not find method org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Hex.encodeHexString,
referenced from method org.apache.commons.codec.digest.DigestUtils.shaHex

and the like sound familiar to you?

Well, the reason for these issues is that Android already interally includes an old version of Apache Commons-Codec that simply doesn’t have those methods available yet.

So, easy fix you would guess: include the latest jar file of Apache Commons-Codec and you’re ready to use all the cool stuff.

Well, unfortunately not. it seems that the internal version has a higher priority then the jars that your provide with your APK.

So, the only solution I saw to simply rename the package name of the classes and create a jar with that new package name. So I forked the commons-codec GitHub project, renamed the package name from „org.apache.commons.codec“ to „org.apache.commons.codec.android“ and the resulting jar file can easily be used within your project and you can easily use all the handy classes of Apache’s latest Commons-Codec 🙂

Check out my GitHub repo: