[APP] Android News

Hey everyone, i just released my latest app to the Android Market. „Android News“ is a collection of several RSS feeds around Android. The feeds are grouped by their main language. The app’s tab view has four Tabs: Favourites – You can mark feeds as favourites Your Language – All the feeds with your language […]

4chan Gallery for Android

Hey everyone, Google just removed my app „4chan Gallery“ from the Android Market. So i provide an alternative download here… Either use this link: http://goddchen.de/android/apks/fourchangallery.apk Or use the QR code below 🙂 [ad]

„Android Bash“ hits 1000 downloads

Hey everybody, i’m proud to announce that „Android Bash“ now has more then 1000 downloads in the Android Market 🙂 It let’s you view quotes from various bash sources like iBash.de, German-Bash.de or Bash.org in the categories latest, best and random. Android Bash for Android on AppBrain Gr33tz Goddchen [ad]

„App Update Notifier“ hits 1000 downloads in Android Market

YEAY, my first Android app hits 1000 downloads in the Android Market. „App Update Notifier“ has won the race for this milestone. App Update Notifier for Android on AppBrain Followed by „Android Bash“ with ~900 downloads… Android Bash for Android on AppBrain Thanks for using my apps! 😀 Gr33tz Goddchen [ad]