Nvidia RAID 1 degraded

Hey, today i turned my computer on and got surprised by the raid bios with a red blinking „degraded“ on two (?!?!) of my raid array. At first i asked my self „why are there two arrays“? My configuration is the following: i have two 500 Gigabyte Samsung S-ATA drives in a raid-1 mirror. So […]

Nvidia Tesla Personal Supercomputer

Hab gerade ne Mail von Nvidia bekommen. Darin preisen sie ihre neuste Errungenschaft an. Den Nvidia Tesla Personal Supercomputer. Ein Supercomputer in Form eines Desktop-PCs für „jedermann“. 960 Cores Knapp 4 Teraflops Das ganze in Form eines Desktop-PCs mit einer Standard-Stromversorgung und das unter 9.995 $ / 8.000 €. Bisher unvorstellbare Rechenpower für’s Büro. Also […]