[APP] Android News

Hey everyone, i just released my latest app to the Android Market. „Android News“ is a collection of several RSS feeds around Android. The feeds are grouped by their main language. The app’s tab view has four Tabs: Favourites – You can mark feeds as favourites Your Language – All the feeds with your language […]

4chan Gallery for Android

Hey everyone, Google just removed my app „4chan Gallery“ from the Android Market. So i provide an alternative download here… Either use this link: http://goddchen.de/android/apks/fourchangallery.apk Or use the QR code below 🙂 [ad]

Cheating Birds – Unlock Levels in all Angry Birds games for Android

Hey everybody, just wanted to inform you that my app „Cheating Birds“ is now the FIRST on until now the ONLY app on the Android Market that is able to unlock levels in Rovio’s Angry Birds RIO. In Angry Birds RIO Rovio started to encrypt the highscore files. But that’s not a problem anymore. So […]

„Bottle Messages“ looks to become a great success

Hey everyone, i just wanted to tell you about the lately launch of „Bottle Messages“. I published it yesterday evening in the market und until now it already has over 400 registered users who sent over 1500 bottle messages Let’s see how this continues in the future 🙂 If you want to see yourself, grab […]

Android Developer Console unusable since many days now – no reaction from Google

Since many days the Android Developer Console has become unusable. If one can at least display the app list (after at least trying to load the page tens of times), you are bombed with confusing error messages all over the place. Here are some examples: Here are some Google Groups threads that reported the errors […]

How to recruite beta testers for Android

Hey, it’s been some time since my last blog post so i thought i’d blog a bit about what’s going on at the moment. I’m current developer a new app called „Bottle Messages“. I recently had a look at „BottleMessages“ and thought about which killer feature it is missing. And i came up with: image […]