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How to recruite beta testers for Android


it’s been some time since my last blog post so i thought i’d blog a bit about what’s going on at the moment.

I’m current developer a new app called „Bottle Messages“.

I recently had a look at „BottleMessages“ and thought about which killer feature it is missing. And i came up with: image attachements.

So I started implementing a clone with image attachment support and got a first version ready today.


So now i need beta testers, but how to recruite them? This is what i came up with:

That’s what i came up with. Until now (about 3 hours later) there were only 3 people who started to test my app.

Do you have any ideas on where else to look for beta testers? Are there any sites / forums dedicated for beta testing that i don’t know of?

Looking forward to your comments, Goddchen


3 Antworten auf „How to recruite beta testers for Android“

Well i haven’t had too much experience but from what i see in forums the best thing to do is bombard all the different android forums that you see. This sounds like a mess in terms of keeping tabs on each thread but you could request the testers to send you an email instead of posting in the thread

Hey there! I just installed Bottle Messages and read about you need feedback. I don’t know how to send it but i guess you’ll read this. I think your program i lackin that you should be able to delette your messages and block usera 🙂
Hope this helps! Thanks!

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