Public Beta: Easy Clound Notes

Hey everyone,

I have lately published Beta2 of my new app „Easy Cloud Notes“.

Go ahead and grab it from this Drive folder:

I’m happy about any feedback!


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Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) for Samsumg Galaxy S2 (I9100)

Hey everyone,
didn’t write anything for quite some time. Let me take this great news to resume my blog.

SamMobile has released their ICS leak for the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Please be warned. As they already tweeted, it is a very very early beta version and stable in any point.

But if you want to give it a try, you can get the file here:


Simply go into recovery, perform full wipe (cache, davlid, data) and flash the zip.

What do you think of the beta? Any problems?



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How to recruite beta testers for Android


it’s been some time since my last blog post so i thought i’d blog a bit about what’s going on at the moment.

I’m current developer a new app called „Bottle Messages“.

I recently had a look at „BottleMessages“ and thought about which killer feature it is missing. And i came up with: image attachements.

So I started implementing a clone with image attachment support and got a first version ready today.


So now i need beta testers, but how to recruite them? This is what i came up with:

That’s what i came up with. Until now (about 3 hours later) there were only 3 people who started to test my app.

Do you have any ideas on where else to look for beta testers? Are there any sites / forums dedicated for beta testing that i don’t know of?

Looking forward to your comments, Goddchen


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CamSpace CamTrax Closed Beta Invitation


Da spiel ich doch grade ne gemütliche Partie Online-Poker und seh, dass ich ne neue Mail habe. Kurz reingeschaut: „CamSpace Beta 5 Invitation“. Ich hatte schon fast nicht mehr damit gerechnet. Wer nicht weiß was CamSpace genau ist sollte sich dieses Youtube Video anschauen.

Jetzt werd ich erstmal die Software installieren und austesten. Laut E-Mail gibt es eine gute API für viele Programmiersprachen:

In addition to the robust scripting tool that comes built-in with CamSpace, you can now connect CamSpace directly into your C++, C#, VB or .NET application using the CamTraxAPI extension. (CamSpace Beta5 Invitation E-Mail, Juli 2008)

Werde diese dann auch mal austesten und schauen was man damit so alles anstellen kann.

Also, seid auf meinen nächsten Blog-Eintrag gespannt! 🙂