Android Gradle Plugin 2.2.0-alpha3 is missing zipalign

I have setup a Jenkins that automatically uploads nightly APKs to the Play Store. Starting some days ago, the upload to the Play always failed with this: Upload failed: APK is not zip aligned. So I investigated a bit found that one of the changes that I did the days these issues started was to update […]

Configuration for Gitlab CI Android projects

Hey everyone, I just recently wanted to give Gitlab CI a try. It is the CI part of the Gitlab hosting solution. They just recently announced that you can use their shared runners that they are now running on DigitalOcean’s servers for free! So I currently have an Android project that I want to have […]

TextView – getTextSize() vs setTextSize()

I decided to resume publishing some of the Android related issues that I stumble upon and workarounds and fixes for these issues. So today I need to reduce the text size of the TextView in code at runtime. Easy peasy, I thought. textView.setTextSize(textView.getTextSize-1); Well, it didn’t work. Instead, the text size was now much much […]