Motorola Milestone Update 2.0.1 Termin / Date

Hey everyone, according to  recent posts in this thread on the german update for the Milestone will be available at 13.01.2010. This was assured by different support employees at the motorola hotline. Anyway it’s not certain that it will be 2.0.1, it could also be 2.1 but i personally think that 2.0.1 is more […]

Motorola Milestone – Android 2.0.1 Update packet capture

Hey everyone… Since i (like everyone else with a Milestone) am waiting for 2.0.1 to be released i did some analysis of the wifi traffic of the Milestone when it checks for an update. Here is what i found out: 1: A DNS query packet: DNS    Standard query A 2: The DNS response: DNS   […]