EVE Online – Jetcan Pirating

Hey, gestern war ich mal wieder auf Jetcan-Pirating Streifzug. War auch sehr erfolgreich und plötzlich lese ich das im Lokal-Chat: [ 2008.08.01 20:35:47 ] PlayerX > People who are mining watch out for a guy called Goddchen, he is nicking everbodies cargo [ 2008.08.01 20:35:57 ] PlayerY > sweet lol [ 2008.08.01 20:37:01 ] PlayerZ […]

EVE Online – In-Station Trading Guide

Hey guys, this guide is written in english so that everyone can understand it and profit from it 🙂 Why I’ve written this guide I found some guides (in fact i found 2 or 3 guides multiple times on many many pages 😉 ). But all those guides didn’t give me what i wanted to […]