Flurry Analytics House Ads – Market Links not working on Milestone

Hey everybody, i was experiencing a problem on my Milestone (Android 2.1). When i clicked on any Flurry Ad that led to a market://… link nothing happened. Instead there was an error in my Logcat saying „could not find a resolving intent on ad click“. On my friend’s Milestone it didn’t work either. So i […]

Android OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener not called

Hey everyone, i now had a problem with an OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener multiple times. The problem was: it just never got called. I had a PreferenceActivity to manage the settings and i wanted to get notified in my main Activity when something changed. But my listener never was called. Recently i found the answer to that problem […]

TableLayout with borders / margins

Hey everybody, in my latest Android game i had the problem that i had a TableLayout with 4×4 icons (cards) in it. There should be a border between them. But neither setting „android:layout_margin“ or anything else i tried did work 🙁 So i had the idea of surrounding each of my table cells content (the […]

„Android Bash“ hits 1000 downloads

Hey everybody, i’m proud to announce that „Android Bash“ now has more then 1000 downloads in the Android Market 🙂 It let’s you view quotes from various bash sources like iBash.de, German-Bash.de or Bash.org in the categories latest, best and random. Android Bash for Android on AppBrain Gr33tz Goddchen [ad]

ListView Divider Settings Order

Hey everybody, today i experienced a little „problem“ with a ListView that i want to share with you. I had a ListView defined in an XML layout file: <ListView android:id="@+id/ListView" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:dividerHeight="5px" android:divider="#000000" android:scrollbars="none" /> For some reason i now needed to create it programmatically. So i did the following to create an equivalent […]

„App Update Notifier“ hits 1000 downloads in Android Market

YEAY, my first Android app hits 1000 downloads in the Android Market. „App Update Notifier“ has won the race for this milestone. App Update Notifier for Android on AppBrain Followed by „Android Bash“ with ~900 downloads… Android Bash for Android on AppBrain Thanks for using my apps! 😀 Gr33tz Goddchen [ad]

Backward Compatible Android Programming

Hey everybody, i just wanted to share my way of making Android apps backwards compatible with older Android versions. In my case i have the „App Update Notifier“ app. Basically it checks your installed apps for available updates. Therefore it queries the Android Market (via Android Market API). To be able to do this one […]