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Flurry Analytics House Ads – Market Links not working on Milestone

Hey everybody,

i was experiencing a problem on my Milestone (Android 2.1). When i clicked on any Flurry Ad that led to a market://… link nothing happened. Instead there was an error in my Logcat saying „could not find a resolving intent on ad click“. On my friend’s Milestone it didn’t work either.

So i made a workaround: I hosted a PHP file on my webserver which just redirects to the market link. Because clicking ads that lead to webpages work perfectly fine…

So i created the following file called market_redirect.php on my webserver:

[code language=“php“]
$pname = $_GET[‚pname‘];
header(‚Location: market://search?q=pname:‘.$pname);

Now everything works fine when users click on my house ads 🙂 Now i set my destination url to http:///market_redirect.php?pname=.

Gr33tz Goddchen