Bronce Medal for „Memory“ and „Facebook Friend Quiz“ by

Hey everyone, I’m very proud to announce that has awarded two of my games („Memory“ and „Facebook Friend Quiz“)with the bronce medal 🙂 [ad] Check this out! 🙂 Goddchen

Memory – „This is the best Memory game there is on Android“

Today, (a website that is dedicated to Android Games) made a review of Memory. The result: They also did a great video review where they mention Memory as „the best Memory game there is on Android“ 🙂     Greets, Goddchen [ad] berichtet über Memory

Hey, hat ein nettes Review über Memory veröffentlicht! 8.5 von 10 Punkten, Genial! Vielen vielen Dank dafür @Tim 😀 Gr33tz Goddchen [ad]