Easy App Toolbox (Backup) – Android App

Easy App Toolbox With this post, I want to make the latest version of my app „Easy App Toolbox“ available to everyone. For the past few weeks, it has only been available on the Play Store. But since there are many usescases for people that don’t even have the Play Store available on their devices, here […]

[APP] Android News

Hey everyone, i just released my latest app to the Android Market. „Android News“ is a collection of several RSS feeds around Android. The feeds are grouped by their main language. The app’s tab view has four Tabs: Favourites – You can mark feeds as favourites Your Language – All the feeds with your language […]

„Bottle Messages“ looks to become a great success

Hey everyone, i just wanted to tell you about the lately launch of „Bottle Messages“. I published it yesterday evening in the market und until now it already has over 400 registered users who sent over 1500 bottle messages Let’s see how this continues in the future 🙂 If you want to see yourself, grab […]