Android Gradle Plugin 2.2.0-alpha3 is missing zipalign

I have setup a Jenkins that automatically uploads nightly APKs to the Play Store. Starting some days ago, the upload to the Play always failed with this: Upload failed: APK is not zip aligned. So I investigated a bit found that one of the changes that I did the days these issues started was to update […]

Configuration for Gitlab CI Android projects

Hey everyone, I just recently wanted to give Gitlab CI a try. It is the CI part of the Gitlab hosting solution. They just recently announced that you can use their shared runners that they are now running on DigitalOcean’s servers for free! So I currently have an Android project that I want to have […]

TextView – getTextSize() vs setTextSize()

I decided to resume publishing some of the Android related issues that I stumble upon and workarounds and fixes for these issues. So today I need to reduce the text size of the TextView in code at runtime. Easy peasy, I thought. textView.setTextSize(textView.getTextSize-1); Well, it didn’t work. Instead, the text size was now much much […]

Secure Smugmug Browsing

TL;DR; Install „HTTPS Everywhere“ and force HTTPS on all your Smugmug urls to enjoy secured browsing while being logged in 🙂 Recently I was doing a roadtrip through the west of USA. During this trip, we stayed on many different Motels. I used those Motels‘ WiFi to upload our photos to Smugmug (using SnugUp […]

Easy Burst Camera

Hey everyone, another weekend, another app implemented 😉 This time I thought I’d give a burst shot camera app a chance. I wanted to make it as easy to use and yet powerful. So there is „Easy Burst Camera“. Features: Different capture modes (Hold to capture, Auto-shot, …) Set shot interval from 100ms to 2sec […]

FingerPlay MIDI (Reborn)

Recently I was contacted by a desperate user of the FingerPlay MIDI Android app. He was requesting a feature from the developers of the app for several weeks but hadn’t received any response, neither has the app received any updates or reactions on their issue tracker… Their blog post for the app is filled with […]

Public Beta: Easy Clound Notes

Hey everyone, I have lately published Beta2 of my new app „Easy Cloud Notes“. Go ahead and grab it from this Drive folder: I’m happy about any feedback! Goddchen

Easy App Toolbox (Backup) – Android App

Easy App Toolbox With this post, I want to make the latest version of my app „Easy App Toolbox“ available to everyone. For the past few weeks, it has only been available on the Play Store. But since there are many usescases for people that don’t even have the Play Store available on their devices, here […]

Apache Commons-Codec – Android compatible!

Hey everyone, does Could not find method org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Hex.encodeHexString, referenced from method org.apache.commons.codec.digest.DigestUtils.shaHex and the like sound familiar to you? Well, the reason for these issues is that Android already interally includes an old version of Apache Commons-Codec that simply doesn’t have those methods available yet. So, easy fix you would guess: include the latest jar file of Apache Commons-Codec and you’re ready […]