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Working VPN/PPTP with MPPE encryption on Motorola Milestone – Android 2.0 (2.0.1)

Hey everybody,

i think many of you know the problem with android 2.x phones: they can’t connect to pptp vpn servers which have encryption enabled.

You get the error:

E/pppd ( 6070): unrecognized option ‚+mppe‘

But since yesterday this problem is solved 🙂 I had a similar idea for a while now but didn’t have the time to try it. As the error message states „pppd“ is missing the +mppe feature. So, why not just compile it WITH the mppe feature and replace the original binary. And guess what: a guy „qvr“ at Alldroid (http://alldroid.org/threads/15944-VPN-PPTP-modules-needed) just did exactly that. And now guess again: IT’S WORKING JUST FINE 🙂

Now i got vpn working at my university 🙂 Thank you so much qvr!

Just go the alldroid posting and follow the link to his binaries. I just backed up the original files and replaced them with qvr’s. Everything with the Root-Explorer (of course, you need root to do that!).

Greets, Goddchen

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Motorola Milestone – Android 2.0.1 Update packet capture

Hey everyone…

Since i (like everyone else with a Milestone) am waiting for 2.0.1 to be released i did some analysis of the wifi traffic of the Milestone when it checks for an update.

Here is what i found out:

1: A DNS query packet: DNS    Standard query A motosb1fe.bitfone.com

2: The DNS response: DNS    Standard query response CNAME mvfe1.bitfone.com A

3: After that there is some HTTP traffic going on which seems to encapsulate SYNCML data

POST /mvpdm/dm HTTP/1.1

Accept: application/vnd.syncml.dm+wbxml

Accept-Language: en

Accept-Charset: utf-8

User-Agent: Mototorla Android Sync DM Client

Cache-Control: private

Content-Type: application/vnd.syncml.dm+wbxml

x-syncml-hmac: algorithm=MD5,username=“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx“,mac=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Connection: Close

Content-Length: 508

Host: motosb1fe.bitfone.com:80

…j.-//SYNCML//DTD SyncML 1.2//ENmlq.1.2..r.DM/1.2..e.4C9C..[.1..nW.http://motosb1fe.bitfone.com:80/mvpdm/dm..V.Motorola…gW.IMEI:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..V.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…Z..L.20000……kFK.1..O.1201…`K.2..TgW../DevInfo/Mod…O.Milestone…TgW../DevInfo/Man…O.motorola…TgW../DevInfo/Lang…O.de_DE…TgW../DevInfo/DmV…O.1.2…TgW../DevInfo/DevId…O.IMEI:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx….FK.3..O.xxxx..TgW../DevDetail/Ext/SystemUpdate…Z..G.xml..S.org.openmobilealliance.dm.firmwareupdate.userrequest…..O……..

And the response:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Date: Sat, 02 Jan 2010 13:12:48 GMT

Content-Length: 591

Content-Type: application/vnd.syncml.dm+wbxml

Connection: Close

…j.-//SYNCML//DTD SyncML 1.2//ENmlq.1.2..r.DM/1.2..e.4C9C..[.1..nW.IMEI:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…gW.http://motosb1fe.bitfone.com:80/mvpdm/dm..V.Motorola…a.http://motosb1fe.bitfone.com:80/mvpdm/dm?sid=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..NZ..G.b64..S.syncml:auth-basic…..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=…Z..L.xxxxx……kiK.1..\.1..L.0..J.SyncHdr..o.http://motosb1fe.bitfone.com:80/mvpdm/dm..h.IMEI:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..IZ..G.b64..S.syncml:auth-MAC..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx……O.401…iK.2..\.1..L.1..J.Alert..O.401…iK.3..\.1..L.2..J.Replace..O.401…iK.4..\.1..L.3..J.Alert..O.401……

So, it seems like the host is already active (anyways, ping is blocked). But unfortunately it sais that there is no update…

Looks like we just need to wait…. longer….

Motorola what are you doing? What’s taking so long? We don’t want a major upgrade with many cool new features. We just want the currently not working stuff to be fixed, like that auto-focus bug which is really really annoying. Fortunately it will only annoy us to the 6th of january since the 24,5 days are over then. And hopefully you will get 2.0.1 ready before the next 24,5 days are over!

Gr33ts Goddchen