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Android Developer Console unusable since many days now – no reaction from Google

Since many days the Android Developer Console has become unusable.

If one can at least display the app list (after at least trying to load the page tens of times), you are bombed with confusing error messages all over the place.

Here are some examples:

Here are some Google Groups threads that reported the errors days ago:




There are many more threads. Just have a look at the Google Group: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Android+Market/label?lid=7dc8a5c590cd22ee&hl=en

The disappointing thing here is that Google doesn’t even post a single response on what is going on… This is crazy. For example i have new app ready to publish, which will give me MONEY EACH DAY. I don’t get that money because Google won’t fix the Developer Console 🙁 That’s really frustrating 🙁