4chan Gallery for Android

Hey everyone,

Google just removed my app „4chan Gallery“ from the Android Market.

So i provide an alternative download here…

Either use this link: http://goddchen.de/android/apks/fourchangallery.apk

Or use the QR code below 🙂

7 Gedanken zu „4chan Gallery for Android

  1. Pokio

    Dude, you really need background downloading in this app!

    Also, it would be great to have slightly higher res thumbnails…

    Please implement these!

  2. Phil

    Any chance you can update it so it can be used with the new https on 4chan! Thanks!

  3. Goddchen Beitragsautor

    hey, it’s been a long time since i last checked the app. Will have a look at it soon the verify and fix possible issues 🙂 Although not sure when i will find time to do it.

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