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Nvidia RAID 1 degraded

today i turned my computer on and got surprised by the raid bios with a red blinking „degraded“ on two (?!?!) of my raid array. At first i asked my self „why are there two arrays“? My configuration is the following: i have two 500 Gigabyte Samsung S-ATA drives in a raid-1 mirror. So again, why are there two arrays?
A quick search at google directed me to this article at techbytes. It describes exactly the problem i’m having. Looking at the drive management of windows it showed a second hard drive with the same partition as my raid array but without drive letters.

It seems like the RAID controller devided my raid-1 array into two raid-1 array with one drive each. And of course therefore both were shown as degraded. So what to do now? As described in the techbytes article i had a look in the nvidia system control (the „Storage“ tab). There were shown the two arrays with one drive in each array. In one array, it showed me drive letters, the other didn’t. So that was the „bad“ drive. I noted it’s channel (0.2).

So what to do now? Following the techbytes article i went to the raid bios, deleted the array with the channel 0.2 drive in it. And rebuilt the correct array with the 0.2 drive.

Problem fixed…

But still i have no clue how this can happen. Seems like many other Nvidia raid user had the same issue before… Strange, strange…

Gr33tz Goddchen