Android 2.3 Gingerbread for the Motorola Milestone (CyanogenMod)

Hey everybody,

there are some news on Gingerbread for the Motorola Milestone.

The developer of the CyanogenMod port for the Motorola Milestone – nadlabak – has stated on his page ( that he is working on the gingerbread port for the Motorola Milestone.

See the full comment here:

I’m working on it (albeit slowly) – see the gingerbread branches at
Current status: it boots, wifi and battery charging works. No gsm/umts yet. New sensor interface is in progress but not fully working yet.
The whole CM is moving to gingerbread, the repos are receiving tens of commits everyday by many great developers involved.
Be patient, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

So, let’s see what he will be coming up with und next fews days or weeks 🙂

Greets, Goddchen

6 Gedanken zu „Android 2.3 Gingerbread for the Motorola Milestone (CyanogenMod)

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  2. Sakaschi

    Hello nadlabak pls supported navigon on Gingerbread…
    The fix file is /system/lib/

    pls add a new file for navigon <3

  3. Goddchen Beitragsautor

    Hey, „Hello nadlabak“? It’s me, Goddchen 😉 To contact nadlabak you can visis the milestone mod irc channel, i think he is in there…

  4. Goddchen Beitragsautor

    i have also hear about people reporting that issue. anyway i am not experiencing this. my wifi sleep works fine.
    maybe you should try a full wipe and reinstall cm7.

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