My Nexus 4 Journey – Part 1

Hey everyone, so I decided to get a Nexus 4 – great! So here my journey starts: Phase 1: Transfer the money to the virtual credit card Wait for the money to arrive on the virtual credit card Well that’s about it so far 🙁 That was on 2013/02/07. Let’s see how my journey continues… […]

PARTY! – „Easy Photo Editor“ hits 100.000 downloads!

[ad] It’s party time! 🙂 „Easy Photo Editor“ has cracked 100.000 downloads 🙂 That is just great! And on top of this, the average rating is now 4.02 🙂 Go grab the app in the Play Store or via the QR code below 🙂 Goddchen

Easy Photo Editor – Major Aviary Update

Hey everyone, Aviary just published a major update of their editor to version 2.0! Unfortunately it is only compatible with Android 2.2+. Therefore i have now uploaded the latest version of Easy Photo Editor with a version limit of 4-7 (Android 1.6 – Android 2.1) + one with a version limit of 8+ (Android 2.2+). […]

Nandroid Browser – Browse your nandroid backups and extract single files

[ad] Hey everyone, yesterday if have published a new app that i created out of my own need for it. I was wanting to extract a single APK file out of one of my nandroid backups. I was shocked that there wasn’t a simple solution for that. What you had to do is: Copy the […]

SGS2 (I9100) CM9 – Superuser Force Close Fix

Hey everyone, i have just installed the latest build of cm9 on my sgs2. It’s the first version is usable for me 🙂 But the Superuser app kept force closing every time. But there is a simple fix: Download „Superuser Update Fixer“ from Market It will most likely say that everything is fine and you […]

Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) for Samsumg Galaxy S2 (I9100)

Hey everyone, didn’t write anything for quite some time. Let me take this great news to resume my blog. SamMobile has released their ICS leak for the Samsung Galaxy S II. Please be warned. As they already tweeted, it is a very very early beta version and stable in any point. But if you want […]

Memory – „This is the best Memory game there is on Android“

Today, (a website that is dedicated to Android Games) made a review of Memory. The result: They also did a great video review where they mention Memory as „the best Memory game there is on Android“ 🙂     Greets, Goddchen [ad]

Current Project – Quizzer

Hey everyone, i’ve been busy the past few days with a new project which will be called Quizzer. A user from brought me to the idea and i think it can be a great success 🙂 For the time being i only want to tell you that much (the name). You can follow the […]

[APP] Android News

Hey everyone, i just released my latest app to the Android Market. „Android News“ is a collection of several RSS feeds around Android. The feeds are grouped by their main language. The app’s tab view has four Tabs: Favourites – You can mark feeds as favourites Your Language – All the feeds with your language […]