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Motorola Milestone Android 2.2 Froyo – Cyanogen Mod 6.1.0 RC0

Hey everyone,

there finally is a Cyanogen Mod available for the Motorola Milestone 🙂

It brings you Android 2.2 Froyo with all the nice features like apps2sd, market auto-update option, …

Of course it’s not a full custom rom since the Milestone Bootloader still isn’t cracked so there is no custom kernel running behind this CM6.

The installation is straight forward:

I’m so happy with Android 2.2 finally available on my Milestone 🙂 It runs very fast. Before i had 2.1-update1 overclocked @800Mhz. Now i’m not overclocking anything and it feels smoother and faster 🙂 And i love apps2sd and market auto-update 🙂 i love it.

Thanks Cyanogen!

NOTE: if you run into the same problem i had: reboot loop, you have to flash a full sbf first and then install CM6. I tried many things but i couldn’t fix the reboot loop without flash a full sbf first…


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I’m not sure if you’ll end up reading this but I’m truly at a loss when it comes to applying CM6 to my phone. I simply dont understand it. I believe I have my phone rooted, I used the one-click method.

If possible I’d love your help, if you could offer your time. I’m would be very grateful.

Email me at s.rees06@gmail.com

Thanks a lot,

Stefan Rees

I boot into open recovery
Wiped cache
wiped factory
wiped partition
Restored CM6 using nandroid
Stuck at Motorola Logo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it doesnt move!!!!

I still can restore back my previous rom, and work. But I wan CM6

I posted my problem on the developer website, nobody could help me, I bumped into ur post.

U said, u did have reboot loop, reboot loop on motorola logo?
U said flash full sbf first, can u teach me? my friend flash my phone before , now he is gone, cant help me/

I need guidance, I know flashing sbf, would be very dangerous, it could brick ur phone if it doesnt go well accordingly!


Hey Veon,
you have the exact same problem i had (reboot-loop at motorola logo).
As mentioned in the article you need to flash a full sbf first.
Just download the SBF file and flash it using RSD Lite. RSD Lite is very simple and can even initiate the flash process while your phone is running. Simply connect it via USB and RSD Lite will recognize it.
For the SBF file of your choise have a look here: http://and-developers.com/sbf:milestone

There are many files. which file I need to flash.. Sorry for being so noob!

My phone is Italian version. Running 2.1update 1

I did what u said, I downloaded Italian version sbf 2.0 italy (contains vulnerable recovery),

I flashed it using RSD Lite Correctly, Result „Pass“ after flashing for 5 mins, I put my phone into bootloader mode.

I restarted my phone in OS 2.0, italian language. Means I flashed correctly.

Then I reboot my phone to open recovery 1.37. Wiped all data, cache. factory reset, partition.

I restore CM6 from nandroid.

Reboot , still stuck at motorola logo, but no reboot loop anymore, just stuck at motorola logo. thats it. Last time, phone kept rebooting.

I tried wiped factory data after restoring CM6, still useless.

Any suggestion? when u flash ur phone with sbf? what file u use?

I flashed with the latest 2.1update, flashed with recovery sbf.

Now able to run the Cyanogen 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Works like charm1!!!! Thank you!!!!! U save my life!!!!!


Hello Friends
Coud you help me? I have the same problem that you had.
Mi phone is 2.1-update1 Latinamerican Version.

What SBF file did you use?


Thank you very much. I’m using CM6 right now…..
I had to flash with a TELUS SFB, because the LATAN SFB didn’t work.

I have been unable to install the CM6 for Milestone update.zip. When in recovery I receive the E:Can’t open/cache/recovery/command

the message at the bottom says E:signature verification failed
Installation aborted.

(I also installed the Open Recovery Version 1.37 for Milestone unpacked it to the root folder of the sdcard.)

Please help!!!!

Ok help me please!!!! Motorola milestone but my idiot friend flashed a Droid rom onto it and now it can’t connect to its network. I believe its wcdma but im not for sure. Can i use a Telus sbf to reflash it so it can be reactivated on my network? My carrier says there is nothing they can do. Please help

i would definitely try to flash the correct sbf. it should work when you are able to enter the bootloader mode. power down your milestone and hold the right-key on your dpad, then power up your milestone. you should see the bootloader prompt. then you can flash the sbf with rsd lite.

I have download the zip file and put under /sdcard/OpenRecovery/updates. But when I go in OR menu and nandroid restore I can find CM6 to apply. I use OpenRecovery 2 and I have GOT 2.2.1 sbf flashed to my milestone. Do I do something wrong?

Sorry for my bad English.

in the openrecovery there is submenu to apply update files that are located under /sdcard/openrecovery/updates. no need to rename the file, it will be listed there.

i think yes.
i have read some forum posts about arabic language support on cyanogen mod. and on my milestone i see a settings under the language settings that looks like arabic characters to me…

hi I have a slighly different problem. I rooted and installed and everything was perfect, my problem is that it dosen’t recognize my carriers network, it’s stucked on emergency mode but it never gets signal, could you help me or point me on the right direction?

Hey thanks so much for the guide. This may be a dumb question, but I got the cm update installed and it is now looping at the cyanogen mod loading screen. I guess I have to flash sbf again, but how the heck do I get out of this loop?! I can’t seem to power the phone down at all.

@adriant hi 🙂 thanks for your comment 🙂
nadlabak states on his page the following:

if you are in France, you should replace ro.product.brand=MOTO_RTEU with ro.product.brand=MOTO_RTFR in /system/build.prop (the ap_gain_france.bin will be used then)

maybe you have to do something similar for your country?

@rkyte, hi,
getting out of the loop… try pulling the battery. that’s what i would do.
And then boot directly into bootloader mode and flash a sbf 🙂

hi, i followed your instructions and some other details on the OR forum site. everything worked well, but now i am stuck at the cyanogen mod screen, which loops ever and ever, now for about 20 minutes.
On another website is written: „The first boot will take sometime, let it.“. What does that mean, what is a normal booting time? minutes, hours?
thank you for the good instructions.

Yes, i wiped all three of them. is the order somehow important? I wiped first the caches and then the factory reset.

i followed also this instruction: http://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/install-android-2-2-froyo-based-cyanogenmod-6-on-motorola-milestone/
which is similar to yours, but includes an google apps update, which i didn’t include in the first run. Now I did everything again and included the google apps thingy.

as i type i see, that it asks for my PIN and that it’s doing the first startup stuff…

it works.


I’m in the same position – about 15 minutes on the boot screen on the first start. Let’s hope it starts..

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