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Fix for Battery Drain with Cyanogen Mod (CM6) on the Milestone

Hey everybody,

i am using the latest version of CM6 on my Motorola Milestone. The one based on the G.O.T. sbf with the 2.2 test kernel.

I was experiencing a significant  battery drain. The battery wouldn’t hold a whole day… 🙁

So i did a little analysis.

First i found a little hidden feature of Android. Go to the phone app and type: *#*#4636#*#*. This will bringt up some stats. Most interesting are the battery usage stats.

Here is saw that „Being executed“ („Wird ausgeführt“ in german) had 100%. That means that the Milestone didn’t go to deep sleep at all. So i tried to find out why. There is another stats screen titled „usage in partial sleep mode“ or something like that („Verwendung im Teilwachzustand“ in german). There i saw „Facebook“ with nearly 70% of all apps that were listed there.

So i went to the facebook app and deactivated the notifications (which didn’t work for me anyway). And the problem was fixed. The Milestone is now going into deep sleep normally and the battery drain is gone 🙂

Hope that helps many of you out there suffering under the battery drain!

Gr33tz Goddchen


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There’s a problem with the kernel that was leaked, and affects all mods based on that G.O.T 2.2 kernel. Any time the charger is connected, the phone will be unable to enter sleep mode at any time afterward. The solution is to reboot immediately after charging, which allows the phone to go into sleep mode.

I have the latest CM6 port (RC4) on my milestone, and the solution still hasn’t been found for the sleep issue.

Meine Deutsch ist nicht so gut… Also, Alles die „mods“, die stammen von der G.O.T 2.2 Kernel diese Problem haben. Man muss der Milestone jeder mal neu starten nach der aufladung der Akku. Dann wird der Milestone Schlaf-modus starten koennen.

i’m also aware of that issue. but it doesn’t seem to affect everybody. for me it works fine. even after charging sleep functions as normal.
but thanks for the hint 🙂

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