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Building avr32 linux with openembedded (oe)

Hey everybody,

currently i’m trying to build a rootfs for an avr32 with openembedded (oe). There are some hints on the avr32linux website.

They say that you should add

TARGET_OS = „linux-uclibc“
MACHINE = „atngw100“
DISTRO = „angstrom-2008.1“
ANGSTROM_MODE = „uclibc“

to your local.conf. But that isn’t correct anymore! ANGSTROM_MODE was renamed to ANGSTROMLIBC!

So now you will have to set

TARGET_OS = „linux-uclibc“
MACHINE = „atngw100“
DISTRO = „angstrom-2008.1“

in your local.conf.

So, if you are getting errors like:

  • Nothing provides „uclibc“
  • Errors regarding glibc while you are building with uclibc
  • Information not available for target ‚avr32-linux‘

Just rename that config variable.

Gr33tz Goddchen