Openembedded (OE) – Image hangs on INIT

Hi everybody, on my current work with openembedded i found a problem with the resulting image. I built a console-image for a „qemuarm“ machine to test it in qemu. The image itself built just fine. Starting the resulting kernel and image in qemu was fine too. But the boot process hangs after INIT is called. […]

Building avr32 linux with openembedded (oe)

Hey everybody, currently i’m trying to build a rootfs for an avr32 with openembedded (oe). There are some hints on the avr32linux website. They say that you should add TARGET_OS = „linux-uclibc“ MACHINE = „atngw100“ DISTRO = „angstrom-2008.1“ ANGSTROM_MODE = „uclibc“ to your local.conf. But that isn’t correct anymore! ANGSTROM_MODE was renamed to ANGSTROMLIBC! So […]